Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Ltd.

Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Limited

Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Limited (HKIMLS) was incorporated in 2003. Formerly it was named Hong Kong Medical Technology Association (HKMTA) and was founded in 1966. It was the first local medical technology society. At present, HKIMLS consists of about 535 members, composed of Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Associate, Ordinary Member, Provisional Member, Student Member, Life Member, Retired Member, coming from local medical laboratories of Hospital Authority, Department of Health, universities and private sector, yet there is a number of Overseas Member from China, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, etc.

The principle objectives of HKIMLS are primarily to promote and advance the status and the common interests of medical laboratory technologists in Hong Kong. It also participates in the advancement of medical laboratory sciences, improvement of medical technology services in our community and ensurance of the continuous recognition of medical technology profession by the government and the publics. In achieving the goals the Association routinely organizes scientific meetings, conferences and scheduled publications such as the Journal of HKIMLS, the Annual Report of HKIMLS Quality Assurance Programme, and the HKIMLS Newsletters as well.

Since 1976 the Institute has been admitted as member society of International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS), which is a Non-Governmental Organization in Official Relationship with the World Health Organization. In 1980 two members of HKIMLS had been appointed as representatives in the Medical Laboratory Technologists Board under the Hong Kong Supplementary Medical Profession Council. Through the Institute's participation it provides much comments to the Government on the formulation of the Regulations and Disciplinary Procedure of this profession. In 1985, with the co-operation of other societies, HKIMLS hosted the first international medical technology conference, Asian Pacific Regional Conference which was attended by 280 delegates from 18 countries. In early 1990 the Institute implemented the pioneering Quality Assurance Programme for the local medical laboratories which is now participated by 76 medical laboratories in Hong Kong. In 1994, it hosted the 21st IAMLT World Congress of Medical Technology in Hong Kong. It was successfully organized and was attended by 539 overseas and 542 local professionals.

Since 1995 the Institute has organized, in turn with the Chinese Society of Medical Laboratory Science (Mainland) and the Association of Laboratory Medicine (Taiwan), the Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, at present, biennially in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan respectively. On the same basis, it has also arranged the Canton-Hong Kong-Macau Joint Conference.

The Institute has continuously contributed much effort in organizing medical laboratory sciences courses for members. Many of such are in cooperation with the universities. Distinguished professors, senior academic staffs and medical laboratory professionals are also invited to give seminars in every month.

Last updated on 11 May 2004