Information for Authors

Manuscripts should be addressed to the Chief Editor, Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Ltd., HKIMLS, PO Box 70094, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong. Two copies are required. These should be accompanied by a covering letter, stating the position and qualification of all authors and signed by each of them to the effect that the work is original, not concurrently under consideration of publication elsewhere, and has not been published previously. Materials accepted for publication shall become the property of the Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Ltd.


Papers should conform to the uniform Vancouver style of presentation (JAMA l993; 269:2282-6). They should be typewritten, in double spacing throughout, including figure, table legends and literature references, on one side of A4 paper with a margin of 40 mm all round, number all pages and indicate the approximate position of the illustrations and the tables in the text. The covering page should contain the title of the manuscript, followed on a separate line by the names of the authors and the respective addresses of the institutions which they belong to. At the bottom, indicate to whom correspondence should be addressed to. Begin the paper on the second page with an abstract and provide up to four 'Key words'.


Tables should be typed and numbered in sequence, each on a separate page. They should not contain vertical lines and must not be boxed in with an outer frame.


Figures should be numbered in a sequence separate from that of tables. While figures should each appear on a separate page, legends should appear as a separate list on another page accompanying the manuscript. Photographs should be sharp, high contrast glossy black-and-white prints, with names of authors and figure number on the back together with an indication for 'Top'.


These should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text of the article, and typed in superscript. The list of references in numerical order should be typed on a separate page, list up to four authors. If there are more than four, list the first three and add et al. The style should be as shown below:

  1. Stuart MJ, Miller ML, Davey FR, Wolk JA. The post aspirin bleeding time: a screening test for evaluating haemostatic disorders. Br J Haematol 1979; 43:649-59.
  2. Stampfer MJ, Manilow MR, Willett WC et al. A prospective study of plasma homocyst(e)ine and risk of myocardial infarction in US physicians. JAMA 1992; 268:877-81.
  3. Hall R, Malia RG. Haemorrhagic disorders, In: Medical laboratory haematology. London: Butterwirth-Heinemann,1991:590-664.
  4. Secretary of State for Health. Working for patients: working pager (6). Medical Audit. London: HMSO, 1989.
  5. Hybritech Europe SA, Parc Scientiace, Dusart, TiIman, Alle Des Noisetiers 12, 4031 Leige, Belgium.


Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that, if it is accepted for publication, exclusive copyright in the paper shall be assigned to the Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Ltd. However, authors have personal freedom to use material contained in their paper in any other works which they may wish to publish.

Last updated on 11 May 2004